Skweezer Webmaster Edition

Skweezer Webmaster Edition 1.0

Tool to assist website visitors using mobile devices

Skweezer Webmaster Edition allows website developers to optimize static and dynamic HTML content for viewing on wireless-enabled handheld devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs. Skweezer Webmaster automatically detects handheld clients and converts outgoing HTML to XHTML, fixes elements that are troublesome for devices with limited capabilities, and compresses content for easier viewing and navigation. Skweezer Webmaster requires very little set up and uses the same award-winning technology that powers Greenlight Wireless' Skweezer service.

Maintain a single version of your Web site
No more separate URL’s or domains for mobile users. In most cases, you will only have to maintain a single Web site for all your users, both desktop and mobile.

Set-and-forget simple configuration

Skweezer Webmaster Edition can be set up in less than five minutes with a simple configuration utility, which can modify the IIS metabase and web.config files for you. No coding is required to enable Skweezer Webmaster Edition; you can publish a handheld version of your existing Web site within minutes of installation.

Flexible and specific settings

Rather than just being "on" or "off", you can configure Skweezer Webmaster Edition to process only specific Web sites or directories on your Web server.

Reduce wasted bandwidth/Skweezer API

There’s no need to serve up rich content to clients that can download but not display it. Skweezer Webmaster Edition has an integrated API (Application Programming Interface) that offers another layer of control to your wireless output, by blocking content, swapping images with text, and other layout- and content-management tools.

Optimize your site for mobile devices now with Skweezer Webmaster Edition

Skweezer Webmaster Edition


Skweezer Webmaster Edition 1.0